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Ordinarie Pris. 2.020 kr
9.07cc motor inklusive tändsystem, ljuddämpare och tändstift
Ersätter en .40 - .50 glödstiftsmotor

EPGT-091625,00 KrBeställ nu!

The new NGH GT9 pro is here. The all new one piece carb really has over come the problems normally associated with very small petrol engines. The conrod is now machined from solid phosphor bronze like the GT17.

It is the same physical size as a 40 - 50 sized glow engine so will drop straight in to you model with the minimum fuss. The mounting for the exhausts are the same as 40 - 50 glow sized engines as well, so we can offer a range of exhaust options. See the drop down list.

The 9cc shares many other features with its bigger brothers including the RCEXL ignition.

Product Specifications
Type: 2-Stroke Air Cooled Gasoline Engine (Only used for fixed-wing aircraft model)
Volume: 9.0cc
Bore: 23.3mm
Stroke: 21mm
Carburetor: NGH 20G-Pro Carburetor
Mix Output: 1.2 HP/13000rpm
RPM Range: 2000-13500rpm
Ignition: NGH automatic advancing angle ignition (RoHS and CE Certified. Rcexl Manufactured)
Ignition Power: DC 4.8V - 8.4V 1000mAh
Spark plug type: 1/4-32
Fuel: standard 90 octane gasoline + FD 2-stroke oil
Mixing ratio: gasoline:oil = 20:1
Recommended propeller: 11x6, 11x7, 12x6 (two blades)
Weight: Engine 435g. Ignition 100g

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