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Black Horse Turbo Beaver GP/EP ARF
Driftsätt: El, Bränsle
Spännvidd: 2250mm. Vikt: 5500g
Motor: 20-30cc bensin eller motsvarande BL Elmotor

BH1624510,00 KrBeställ nu!


Glow and EP

The famous DHC-2 beaver has morphed into the stunning DHC-2T 'Turbo beaver'. With over 50% more power than the original engine and a lager cabin/payload. This is one 'useful' light aircraft for today, proving that you can improve the breed with modern updates.

Taking this latest version as its base, the Black Horse Turbo Beaver looks both sleek and powerful, yet retains the charm and siplicity of the very first version. It's wooden structure is clothed in durable Oracover is in a very visible and attractive scheme. Inside there is scale cabin detail with a full instrument panel and realistic pilot.

Bolting in a good engine like the OS GT-33 will more than provide a spritely performance. By employing the big flaps, the low speed handling is very predictable and she will maintain flight on the smallest of throttle power. Like the full size, low speed performance is very much an attribute of the Beaver. That USA 35-B wing section was chosen for a reason!

The classic high wing layout and tough undercarriage makes the Turbo beaver a very practical, all-year-round model.

– Wingspan : 2,250 mm (88.58 in).
– Length : 1,675 mm ( 65.94 in).
– Weight : 5.5kg (12.1lbs).
– Wing area: 59.7 dm
– Wing loading: 92.1g/dm
– Wing type: USA 35-B Airfoil.
– Servo mount: 42mm x 21mm.
– Gear type: Aluminium Hi-grade for main gear
and spring wire for tail gear

Parts listing required (not included):
– Radio: 06 channels.
– Servo: 08 servos.
– Engine: 20 – 30cc Gas.
– Motor: Brushless outrunner 1800-2300W, 450KV.
– Propeller: Suit with your engine.

Recommended motor and battery set up (not included):
– Motor: RIMFIRE.120.
– Lipo cell: 6 cells 4,000-5,000mAh.
– ESC: 80A.
– Receiver battery: 6V/ 1200-2000mAh NiMH.


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