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59.9cc x 2 motor inklusive tändsystem och tändstift
Max power: 9.86hp/7000rpm
Weight Engine: 2450g. Prop: 28x12-29x10

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GT120T: 120cc (60cc x 2), 2-stroke boxer twin gasoline engine Both front and rear crankcases are fully machined.
The new ignitor IG-10 prevents the engine from reverse rotation.
Good for 100 inch wing span acrobatic airplane, 20kg scale airplane

Displacement: 3.65 cu.in. x 2(59.91 cc x 2)
Bore: 1.732 in (44 mm)
Stroke: 1.551 in (39.4 mm)
Practical rpm: 1,600-8,000
Output: 9.86 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Engine Weight: 2,450 g
Ignition Module Weight: 150 g

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