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Saito FA-120R3
20cc 4-takts 3-cyl Stjärnmotor Metanol

SAFA-120R35595,00 KrBeställ nu!

Saito FA-120R3 Radial Nitro/Glow Engine
The Saito™ brand continues to expand their radial engine line with the addition of the FA-120 3-cylinder radial. Ideal for 60- to 90-size models, the FA-120R3 is an upgrade from the FA-090R3 engine, featuring 33% larger displacement and more power—all at a lighter weight for a higher power-to-weight ratio. The FA-120R3 also comes with a 3-piece flex exhaust system, making for an all-inclusive package.

And, like all Saito engines, this powerhouse is engineered with that same Saito quality and reliability you have come to know and trust.

Key Features:


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