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Futaba CGY760R Gyro FASSTest/T-FHSS Air Mottagare + GPB-1
Gyromottagare inklusive programmeringsdosa

FPCGY760RGPB13765,00 KrBeställ nu!

Futaba CGY760R - 3-Axis Gyro with built-in FASSTest/T-FHSS Air Recieiver + GPB-1 Unit
CGY760R 3 axis heading hold gyro included receiver and head speed governor for helicopter.

Note, this version includes the GPB-1 unit (Gyro Programing Box)!

Features of CGY760R:

Gyro section:
Rudder (Yaw): Aileron (Roll),Elevator (Pitch): Head speed governor: Receiver section:

Gyro Programing box for CGY760R

Features of GPB-1:

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