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SF Soareasy EP Yellow ARF
Spännvidd: 1080mm. Vikt: 580-700g.
Borstad 480 motor och växel ingår

ASF-EP-11B695,00 KrBeställ nu!

Parkflyer i balsakonstruktion
Spännvidd: 1080mm
Byggsatsen levereras med borstad 480 motor och växel,
propeller, spiner, hjul, linkar och linkage
Radio: 4 kanaler

All balsa constructed park fly electric glider with iron on covering.
Two trim schemes to choose from
Easy to build and fly electric ARF
Strong, lightweight construction
Equipped with 480 motor, gearbox and 9x4.8 propeller
Fun for the beginners
Makes any park or playground your flying field

Wing Span: 1080mm
Wing Area: 16.4dm²
Length: 810 mm
Weight: 580 – 700g
Motor: #480 w/gear box or brushless 2208
Radio: 4 Channels

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