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Saito FA-125A
20,5cc 4-takts Metanolmotor

SAFA-125A3095,00 KrRestorder

Saito® FA-125A - Four Stroke Glow Engine
Only Saito could put 1.25 cubic inches of power into a 1.00-size case. Not only is the FA-125 lighter and more powerful than the FA-120 it replaces, its unique size allows modelers to apply its awesome power to a wide variety of airplane sizes. It will work with anything from .90-size sport aerobats all the way up to 1.20-size sport and IMAC planes. As with most Saito engines, the FA-125A is available in a stunning Golden Knight version with a gloss black finish and gold-plated valve covers.

With 10 fewer ounces and .05 more cubic inches than the FA-120 it replaces, the FA-125A gives new meaning to the term “escape velocity”.


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