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Great Planes PT-19 Sport Scale .46/EP ARF
Driftsätt: El, Bränsle
Spännvidd: 1435mm. Vikt: 2,3-2,5kg
Motor: .46-.52 2-takt. .70 4-takt eller motsvarande BL Elmotor

GPMA12122045,00 KrRestorder

Touch History. Touch the Sky.
PT-19s turned thousands of raw recruits into combat-ready fighter pilots for WWII. Now, this iconic titan of the air is ready to send you into the clouds, as well. It's not a trainer, but pilots with a little time behind the sticks will love the way it handles in the air. Plus, much of the assembly is already completed for you. Put it in the air and experience the "Cradle of Heroes" today.

A large, easy to remove hatch makes accessing the fuel tank or LiPo batteries quick and easy.
The ailerons are operated by individual servos and short direct linkages. This allows fine tuning of the ailerons and flaperon mixing.
Includes parts for mounting brushless/lipo and glow power setups.


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