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Super Flying Model Tri-40 ARF
Spännvidd: 1580mm. Vikt: 2200g.
Motor: .40-.46 2-takt. .48-.70 4-takt

ASF-8602895,00 KrBeställ nu!

ARF kärra i träkonstruktion. Motorkåpa av plast
Byggsatsen levereras med motorbock i aluminium, landställ, hjul, tank, spinner, stötstänger linkar och roderhorn

The TRI-40 is the perfect model for a successful start into model flying. The plane is 90% pre-built. Wings,
elevator, stabilizer and fuselage are already covered, so very little time is needed to install radio and engine.
One evening and you are ready for take off.
The kit contains all accessory parts that are needed to complete the model, such as fuel tank, spinner, linkages,
screws, wheels and landing gear. The TRI-40 requires a 4- channel radio for the functions elevator, rudder,
aileron and throttle. The detailed instruction manual makes building fund and very easy!

Wing Span: 1580mm
Wing Area: 42.5dm²
Length: 1160mm
Weight: 2200g
Engine: .40 - .46 (2C) .48 - .70 (4C)
Radio: 4 Channels 4 servo

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