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Suppo A2820/6 1000kv .15-.20
Motsvarar .15 - .20 glödstiftsmotor
Vikt: 145 gram Dim: 35 x 47 mm
Flygvikt: 1000-2500 gram 3-5S LiPo

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Suppo is a leading manufacturer of professional motors, ESCs, servos, and other RC electronics on the market today.
Suppo motors provide excellent performance, quality, and dependability at an affordable price.
Manufactured with high quality bearings and components, Suppo brushless motors are some of the smoothest and most powerful in their class.

Suppo 2820/6 (35-47) 1000kv Specifications:

● Number of Cells: 3-5s lipo; 8-14 cell NiMh
● Max Efficiency Current: 15-25A (>75%)
● No Load Current (10v): 2.0A
● Max Current: 37A/60s
● Max Efficiency: 82%
● Resistance: .059 ohms
● Shaft Size: 4.0mm
● Poles: 14
● Max Watts: 685W
● Weight: 145g
● Motor Dimensions: 35x47 (mm)
● Motor bolt pattern (back of motor): 19mm x 19mm (hole to hole)
● X-mount hole pattern: 42mm x 42mm (hole to hole)
● Minimum recommended ESC: 40A
● Recommended Model Weight: 1000-2500g (35-88 oz.)

● Recommended Prop Size: 3s 11x6. 4s 10x7

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